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October 8, 2006

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Hello all, 

I just wanted to share my crocheted ruffle cardigan with you. I picked up a free project sheet from the craft store. It was a red heart plush pattern. You can find The free pattern here.  It was a very simple pattern to make but I just didn’t like the way the ruffles were made around the edge. So I came up with a design of my own.








 I used Lion brand yarn ball, which is called Pound of Love. It is Super soft 4 ply knitting worsted weight. 100% premium Acrylic and machine washable and also dryable. The color is 110 denim.   I used a size K crochet hook. Something else I thought of is using Aleenes flexible fabric glue which is stretchable to glue the lose ends. I just hate when I wash my things I have made for the ends to come lose. So I thought this might fix the problem.  I hope you all like it.


September 13, 2006

“Snuggle Up” Baby afghan from “Absolutely Gorgeous Baby Afghans” by Leisure Arts.

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We have a family member who is expecting….  Time to get a few things made. We know it is a boy. And the name they have picked is Landon.




I am so excited.

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I enterd this doily in the gathering threads contest for the homepage picture and won…. Yayyyyy But to be honest all the doiys are very pretty. They all have so much talent there. I was shocked it won.  It was fun making this one.

I am sorry I was so excited about wining the homepage contest that I forgot to post all the information. I used size 7 hook and size 10 threads. I can’t remember the names of the colors.

You can find the link below.

It is the “The Sweet Daisy”

By Aly Hymel

 I just love her work.

August 27, 2006

“Oval Petals”

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This is my DAL #11 called “Oval Petals” This really isn’t a very big doily, its only 14 rounds, but is cute when made up. I used size 10 thread and size 8 needle.


Hope you like it,



August 21, 2006

My DAL’s #9 and #10

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Here are a couple of the DAL’s I have completed. 

DAL #10 is done in the colors of Burgundy and Ecru size 10 thread and #8 hook. I really like this pattern. I am sure I will be making a few more.



DAL #9 was done in Ecru and Black trim. I also used a #8 hook.

August 9, 2006

“Lone Star “

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This is my doily special project I did with my Yahoo Group called Gathering Threads. The doily is called “Lone Star”. 


August 6, 2006

~*~All done with my DAL 8- Lacy Doily.

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This is a very pretty pattern. As you can tell I like pink and purples. So this is done in a soft shade of pink with a

white shells and pink trim.


August 3, 2006

My ADAL is all done…..From Yahoo Group- Gathering Threads

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I am all done with my ADAL I am so proud of it. I could hardly wait to get it posted here. It is 1:26 am and I couldn’t stop till I posted it. Have to be up by 6:00 am but oh well. This one was worth it. I posted pictures of the doily in the Shella’s Album.

I used Aunt Lydias Classic Crochet Thread in size 10 and also #7 Hook. The color is “Dusty Rose”


 I hope you all like it also.





July 29, 2006

Just a few more Doilies

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Located in a Year of Doilies by Leisure Arts  May—Sweet Dreams

This doily turned out so pretty. I made it for my doily swap partner Michele who is in Michigan. I should be getting it out in the mail today also. I hope she will enjoy it. We are in the group It is a really fun forum.

Rose Delight

Delightful Doilies, Leisure Arts-Little books

Some new Doilies

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April – Tiffany

Located in a Year of Doilies by Leisure Arts. May Sweet Dreams

I just sent this one out to my ex-mother in law in Texas. It was so much fun to make. It is a great pattern and easy to work up.




August – Sea Shells

Located in a year of doilies by Leisure Arts. May Sweet Dreams

I made this one for my first Secret pal at Crochetville. I wish I had used a solid color. It is so hard to see the stitches with the variegated thread. I am going to do another one soon and only in solids.



Pretty Kitties Doily

I know this was a free pattern from I made this for my last secret pal Vicki (mythunderbird) I thought she would enjoy it since she is a cat lover.


Doily No. 7797 The Spool Cotton Company Clarks O.N.T. Book No. 235, 1947

I just loved this pattern, I am not to sure but I think I made this one also for Vicki? Tells you how good my memory is. It turned out really pretty and I love the design.


Mini Doilies from Annies Crochet Aug. 2006



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